The winners and films of the Foresight Filmfestival N ° 3

4 Awards ->1 x 2000€ + 3 x 1000€
5 minutes length
1 future-related question

An impressive jury
100% Visionary
50% Filmmaker
50% Researcher

           Submission deadline:

May 23, 2019

Festival Evening:
June 27, 2019 
in Berlin

A great future

Foresight Filmfestival N° 4

About Foresight Filmfestival:

Foresight Filmfestival is the first science-vision festival that invites visionaries from research, film making, media, and society to discuss the questions of “How do we want to live? How will we live?” It is also the opportunity to take a look into the future from both a technological and societal standpoint and begin developing concrete visions together to shape the future.
In this way, the short films reveal trends and societal challenges; they might be an early warning, show the potential of already started project or reveal an idea poll for future projects and research process.
The Foresight Filmfestival N° 4 is scheduled to take place in Berlin at the Urania Berlin on June 27, 2019.
Foresight Filmfestival N° 4 is funded by the Lotto Stiftung Berlin and headed by the Urania Berlin in cooperation by science2public – registered society of science communication.
Attached you will find our fact sheet and our poster. We would be glad if you could forward our call. And of course: We are looking forward to your entries!

Discussion Topic


TOP – DOWN – visionary city!
Your cinematic answers to urgent, future-oriented questions concerning

society and technology, in short: your vision – our world of tomorrow.




The first Foresight Filmfestival was developed by the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg (Prof. Dr. Wehrspohn) and science2public, association for science communication. It was launched in 2015 and followed by a second cinematic discovery journey in 2016. Both expeditions (festival editions) were sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The topics for the cinematic debate emerged from the Foresight-Process initiated by the BMBF.

The Foresight-Process is a strategic tool for the prediction of future developments. In its latest Foresight discussion, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) examined the potential for scientific and technological development over the next ten to fifteen years from two sides: the technological possibilities (“technology push”) on the one hand and the needs of society (“demand pull”) on the other hand.
Foresight serves in particular as a contemporary instrument of dialogue because, after all, nobody can predict the future.
In light of the nature of exponentially growing technological development (keywords: digital revolution, second modernity, industry 4.0) and its impacts on all areas of life, it is becoming clear that many questions still remain unanswered and that it requires the continual understanding of society to know where all of this should lead. It is not enough for science and society to brainstorm together, it is imperative that they communicate. This is the purpose of Foresight Filmfestival.

The Festival in 2017: This year’s look into the future wouldn‘t be possible without the support of our new partner – the association Saxony-Anhalt-Media, the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt and Kloster Bergesche Foundation – and it stimulated two new competition categories. Regarding the first contest, we were looking into the vastness of technological, social and also intellectual innovation to start our call for entries.

Foresight update“ encouraged researchers, scientists, filmmakers and media artists to submit their own interdisciplinary future visions. 

The theme of our second category is “City, Countryside, Interspace” and linked to questions arising from challenges and potentials of future urban and rural life.


As already mentioned, our theme “science meets visions” – designed as a beneficial interdisciplinary cooperation – is the heart of all Foresight Filmfestival editions. We are approaching this cooperation from two perspectives:

A: Scientists, engineers, and project developers can take the opportunity to advertise their work and let us know what they are enthusiastic about and how they are thinking into the future.

However, this is an interdisciplinary approach and exchange in collaboration with film and media makers or artists. It is essential to expand the project from the perspective of societal interest and knowledge combined with aesthetics, narrative forms, etc.

B: Right here, creative minds will be able to expand their own vision, how technological or societal development will influence our daily life in about ten to twenty years. Support and consultancy from scientists or researchers are more than welcome.

For both sectors: The future visions needed to be realized and presented in a short film format with a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 15 minutes.

For further information: Foresight Filmfestival – At a Glance